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Mattresses at Godby Home Furnishings

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Godby Home Furnishings has just the right mattress for your needs. Whether you are budget conscious or luxury minded, we have a mattress to suit your needs, and more than likely, it is in stock ready for you. We have a full selection of sizes and price ranges to ensure your satisfaction. We carry our own brand of "Godby Preferred" mattresses, as well as national name brands like Serta and Tempur-Pedic.

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Mattress Technologies

Serta Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam

Serta's revolutionary Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam material inspired an entirely new category of sleep systems. This material was developed after years of careful study and refinement of existing memory foam products, including the original NASA-inspired memory foam technology. They then improved this with their Cool Action™ Dual Effects?material, which combines their original MicroSupport? gel with their breakthrough MicroCool gel in a foam with up to 25% more gel than their original Cool Action™ material.

Support Where You Need it Most

Serta's Cool Action™ Dual Effects? material works to uniquely support your body where it needs it most. Millions of MicroSupport? gel beads gather under the areas of your body that need extra support. Meanwhile, each Duet? Coil in the advanced innerspring is engineered so that the exterior coil provides an initial soft and luxurious feeling, responding to weight and body movement instantly. Plus, the interior coils, once engaged with body weight, react with increasing firmness to provide the essential support needed for correct postural alignment. With the right support, your muscles can relax and rejuvenate so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Adjustable Bases

Adjust to your personal preference with our collection of adjustable bases by Motion Perfect 2, Motion Essentials, and the Motion Custom. Adjustable bases let you turn your bed into the most comfortable seat in the house, or into the best sleeping position imaginable, and it is completely up to you. Enter a new realm of comfort with an adjustable base today!

Ease Back, Neck, & Shoulder Pain

Elevating your head and feet can help alleviate pressure on your lower back, allowing your muscles to relax after a long day. Because your muscles don’t have to work through the night, you can wake up more relaxed and with less pain.

Improve Circulation

Elevating your head and feet can also help to increase blood flow to your muscles. This can help reduce tossing and turning and can lead to a deeper, more restful sleep.

Reduce Acid Reflux

Slightly raising your head can also help reduce uncomfortable acid reflux, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Reduce Snoring

With an adjustable foundation, you can adjust the position of your head to help open up airways and help reduce snoring.

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